ACRES Startup Competition

Are you a start-up looking to make your mark in the real estate industry? Look no further! The Prop Tech Hub at Acres is the ideal platform for you to showcase your innovative solutions, connect with industry leaders, and take your start-up to new heights.

Welcome to the Prop Tech Hub at Sharjah Real Estate Exhibition – Acres!

At the Prop Tech Hub, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities that start-ups face in the real estate sector. We are committed to providing a supportive and collaborative environment where your ideas can flourish, and your business can thrive.

What sets the Prop Tech Hub apart is its focus on fostering collaboration and driving innovation.

We believe that by bringing together diverse stakeholders, we can leverage collective knowledge and expertise to revolutionize the real estate landscape in Sharjah and beyond.

Whether you are a property developer, investor, architect, engineer, or technology provider, the Prop Tech Hub is your gateway to exploring and leveraging the power of technology in the real estate sector.

Join now … the ACRES STARTUP PITCH COMPETITION at Sharjah Real Estate Exhibition and Propel Your Start-up to Success!

We are excited to introduce the ACRES STARTUP PITCH COMPETITION, a dynamic and innovative platform that brings together the latest advancements in technology and real estate.

As the real estate industry continues to evolve, embracing technology has become essential to stay ahead of the curve and enhance the overall property experience.

The DigitMe Prop Tech Hub is designed to be a catalyst for change, providing a collaborative space where industry professionals, entrepreneurs, and technology enthusiasts can come together to explore, showcase, and implement cutting-edge solutions.


By participating in the ACRES STARTUP PITCH COMPETITION 2023, you not only get the chance to showcase your startup to a global audience but also can compete for prestigious awards and recognition. The competition aims to celebrate outstanding startups and their contributions to the technology ecosystem. Here’s what you can expect:

  1. Startup Pitch Competition: Showcase your innovation and pitch your business idea to a panel of esteemed judges comprising investors, industry experts, and influential figures. The competition provides a platform for you to present your startup’s potential and compete against other talented entrepreneurs.
  2. Awards and Recognition: Stand a chance to win exciting awards and receive recognition for your achievements. The competition will recognize startups that demonstrate exceptional innovation, scalability, and market potential. Winning an award at the ACRES STARTUP PITCH COMPETITION 2023 can significantly enhance your startup’s visibility and credibility.
  3. Investor Attention: Catch the attention of potential investors who are actively seeking promising startups to invest in. The competition acts as a catalyst for attracting financial support, making it a valuable opportunity to secure funding and accelerate the growth of your business
  4. Media Coverage: Benefit from extensive media coverage surrounding the Acres Global 2023 event. Showcase your startup to a wide audience through press releases, interviews, articles, and social media exposure. The media presence can significantly increase awareness about your brand and attract further interest from investors and potential partners.
  5. Networking Opportunities: Engage with a diverse community of entrepreneurs, investors, government officials, and corporate innovators. The competition offers unparalleled networking opportunities, enabling you to build meaningful connections, explore partnerships, and gain valuable insights from industry leaders. 
  6. Incubation and Acceleration Opportunities: If you have a promising startup or innovative idea, the DigitMe PropTech Hub provides an ecosystem of support. Benefit from mentorship, funding opportunities, and access to industry networks that can help propel your venture to new heights.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to be part of the ACRES STARTUP PITCH COMPETITION 2023 event, compete in the Startup Pitch Competition, and position your start-up for success.

Apply now and showcase your innovation to a global audience!

Why & Who Should You Attend

At the DigitMe PropTech Hub, you can:

Discover Innovative Solutions: Explore a wide range of technological solutions and platforms that are transforming the way we buy, sell, rent, and manage properties. From virtual reality and augmented reality applications to smart home automation, blockchain, and artificial intelligence, you’ll have the opportunity to discover and experience the latest advancements that are reshaping the industry.

Networking and Collaboration: Connect with like-minded professionals, entrepreneurs, and industry experts who share a passion for real estate and technology. The DigitMe PropTech Hub provides a vibrant environment for networking, collaboration, and knowledge sharing, enabling you to forge valuable partnerships and stay ahead of the curve.

Educational and Inspiring Events: Attend seminars, workshops, and panel discussions led by industry leaders and technology pioneers. Gain valuable insights into emerging trends, best practices, and case studies that demonstrate how technology is revolutionizing the real estate sector. Be inspired by success stories and learn from experts who are at the forefront of innovation in the industry.

Demo Showcase: Experience firsthand demonstrations of cutting-edge technologies and solutions. Get hands-on with interactive displays and prototypes that showcase the potential of technology in various aspects of real estate, such as property marketing, construction, property management, and tenant engagement.

Join us at the Prop Tech Hub and be part of the exciting journey of transforming the real estate industry through technology. Together, we can shape the future of Sharjah’s real estate landscape and create a more efficient, transparent, and sustainable property market.

Stay tuned for updates on upcoming events, partnerships, and exciting developments within the Prop Tech Hub. We look forward to welcoming you to this thriving hub of innovation and collaboration.

For more information and inquiries, please visit our website or contact our team at

For more information and to submit your application, please visit our website or contact us at []

We look forward to receiving your application and welcoming your start-up to the ACRES STARTUP PITCH COMPETITION 2023


Eligibility & Priority Sectors:

The competition prioritizes startups operating in the following sectors:

  • PropTech: Innovations in property technology, including real estate management systems, smart buildings, proptech platforms, and more.
  • FinTech: Solutions in the realm of financial technology, such as digital banking, payment systems, blockchain applications, robo-advisory services, and beyond.
  • GovTech: Startups focused on leveraging technology to improve government services, citizen engagement, and public sector efficiency.
  • AR & VR: Virtual reality and augmented reality startups that enhance user experiences, training simulations, immersive marketing, and other applications.
  • Retail Tech & E-commerce: Innovations in retail technology, e-commerce platforms, supply chain management, customer experience enhancement, and related areas.
  • Metaverse: Startups exploring the metaverse concept, including virtual worlds, digital identities, NFTs, decentralized finance within virtual environments, and more.


Mission and Scalable Business Model:

To ensure a competitive and diverse pool of participants, the Acres Global 2023 Startup Pitch Competition has specific eligibility criteria. Please review the following requirements before applying:

Stage: Startups in the Pre-seed or Seed stage are eligible to apply. We welcome innovative projects that are in the early stages of development and have the potential for scalability and growth.

Team Size: The competition is open to teams with at three to five members or more .

We encourage startups with a dedicated and skilled team to participate and showcase their collective expertise.

Your startup should have a clear mission and vision, driven by a compelling problem-solving approach. Additionally, your business model should demonstrate the potential for scalability and long-term growth.

Skilled Team: Your startup should have an accessible and interesting senior tech professional skilled team. We value expertise, experience, and diversity within your team, as it plays a crucial role in the success and growth of your startup.

If your startup meets the above eligibility criteria, and falls within the priority sectors mentioned, we encourage you to apply for the Startup Pitch Competition at Acres Global 2023. This is an opportunity to showcase your innovative project, connect with industry leaders, and gain access to resources that can accelerate your startup’s growth.

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